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The couple has consented to use the Interactive Voice Response/Short Message Service (IVR/SMS) to ranchers for guidance on sustenance touchy farming. "Regardless of whether sustenance is an unmistakable human medical problem it likewise has an immediate relationship with the ranchers and the farming legitimately," said Kalidbomba. 


The accomplishment of the hotline in this brief timeframe is determined by the appeal of the ranchers to get to accommodate data. "It is a savvy and ideal data dispersal apparatus which is empowered by this organization with ATA," said Ekin Ogutogullari, Country Director of Save the Children in Ethiopia. 


It encourages us to evade duplication of endeavors and carefully utilize accessible assets and it will add to the dietary utilization conduct improvement of ranchers." The USAID subsidized Growth through Nutrition (GTN) program is actualized by Save the Children in Ethiopia and attempts to fortify Ethiopia's establishments, frameworks, and human ability to improve nourishment and essentially lessen hindering. 


The Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Save the Children in Ethiopia marked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to utilize the 8028 Farmers' Hotline so as to convey sustenance touchy agrarian messages.

Wullo Mereja
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